Saturday, January 08, 2011

Today's crop

A lot of ladies were suffering from colds and flu so we were only eight today, but had great fun teasing everyone who won more than one prize, even though it was inevitable with twice as many prizes as attendees. Not big value prizes but they are still appreciated.

I brought my small amount of US stash which was admired. The grab bags Joanne and I purchased were from this website It was a sale item and only to the US. The cost was $20 including shipping. I was just looking at their website and the rhinstones are $1.29 and we probably have 10 packs of rhinestones each. Felt borders are the same price and we have about a dozen so the rest was free.

I finished one double page and two singles at the crop. A second double layout is half done and will probably be finished at the next crop!! The mad hatter layout used a blueprint for January 2011 from the Scrapagogo website. This was one of the items I had loaded on my Ipad and then left it at home with my crop kits. Thank you Nick for coming to my rescue.

A Scrapagogo class kit which is nothing like the original but I pinched some stuff off JOanne and a stapler from Liz and it went together nicely.I sanded the woodgrain coredinations paper and it looked so good, Tracey sanded some she had too with flowers on and it looked great.

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