Friday, January 21, 2011

Colour advice wanted please

I am working on finishing a quilt over the next 10 days for a group challenge. The challenge due date has been postponed twice. I only found out it had been postponed again last week as there weren't many ladies at the Christmas lunch in December. I had been ill for 10 days so had stopped working on the piece and couldn't go to the meal either. The theme is 20 and including the backing there are 20 different fabrics in my quilt.

This quilt was the product of a workshop run by Caesarea Quilters with visiting American tutor Jan Kretz amidst all of the problems caused by the ash cloud. This an example of the quilt pattern we were following Quick Split Broken Star

Later in the year we had another tutor, Philippa Naylor, who taught us some fabulous machine quilting including freehand feathers which I am using all over my quilt. I've done them in the centre star points in a primary variegated thread.

I've done the freehand feathers in the outer star border in the same thread.

Around the outer border I've used a red and black variegated thread in circles and have already added the red and black binding.

Now to the part where I need help. I want to do some feathered wreaths in the squares surrounding my inner star and my first decision is which thread to use? I have the sand colour which is grey and pale yellow, on the right of the photo or I have the pastel colours on the left of the photo? I want to be able to see the pattern I've quilted without it dominating the bold colours. Opinions please on which colour thread to choose.


Marianne said...

Hi Sue

I have a go at your q. I would choose the pastel colours. So you have a little red in it like in nearly every part of your work.

I am looking forward to see pictures from the finished work :-)

Have fun.

Lorraine said...

I have seen the quilt Marianne wow it is gorgeous.