Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ipad heaven

We're back from our Florida holiday to a cold house, but it's starting to warm up thankfully. I popped down to Radio Jersey this morning to talk about WI and in particular promote Sirens WI. Then it was off to the Co-op for a few provisions, though our basics were delivered yesterday by Valley Foods. I'm enjoying using their service. Order before 11.30am and it's delivered the same day. Wednesdays seem to be their slower day and they often have a free bottle of wine on offer for Wednesday deliveries. Unfortunately we ran out of washing powder after only one load of post holidya washing, but I ordered some from Valley Foods with some other stuff and it should be here later today.

Whilst in Florida I treated myself to an Ipad so I've been slowly getting to grips with it. I am so chuffed that I managed to load some sketches into my Itunes library, synced the ipad and then by choosing PFDs under the collections button I can see the pdfs and take them along to crops without printing them out. I just need to find someone who has the first three Ali Davis downloadable sketches saved to their computer as they have now been archived at scribd.

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