Monday, January 31, 2011

Sail riggers bag

I joined a group called OPAM, one project a month to try and get some projects finished in 2011. Whilst my rainbow quilt is almost finished, it has been taken away to be judged for our group's 20 challenge. Even though it isn't finished to my satisfaction, it still looked very striking.

So having joined OPAM last Friday, it came as a shock that we had to finish a project in January. So I grabbed my bag of goodies bought at Queen Anne's Lace in Kissimmee which consisted of a pattern for the sail rigger's bag by Ev SPires Designs, fabric and iron on wadding which was new to me. I finished the bag today having bought some velcro in town this morning to finish off the project. I made one mistake by adding wadding to the inside pockets but I'm happy with how they turned out and I haven't added a solid base to the inside of the bag as I didn't feel it needed one.

I am pleased with how the bag has turned out and may well offer it as a class through CQ. I have also listed all of my projects in progress and found one or two which I had completely forgotten about which brings the total to about 12 including two projects I am just collecting patterns and fabric for at the moment. I found a simple baby throw in tuquoise and pink in the cupboard, which will probably be the next thing to be attacked as it just needs binding which I can hand stitch at Chez Soi on Wednesday. Then back to my rainbow quilt when it's returned on Wednesday. I need to finish it in time for March's Eisteddfod.


shez said...

Love your bag Sue and the fabric is fantastic,1 project
cheers Shez

Lorraine said...

You have not shown me this one Sue, it is gorgeous.