Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's worse than I thought

On the unclutterer blog the writer suggests working on one area for improvement for a month rather than having New Year's resolutions. Good idea I thought (even though we're already half way through January), so let's tackle my scrapbooking first.

So this morning, I had a 9.30am appointment at Education and had a little bit of time to start on this area so I thought I would pull out all the layouts I've made which need to be filed into albums. This is the result. Eek. Some embellishments have come off a couple of pages so when filing them I'll also have to put some back together. First job is to sort them into piles by category. There's at least 18 inches of layouts in those two piles but I don't think I have any stashed elsewhere.

Two other aspects I need to address this month are doing more scrapbooking and I'm meeting up with Joanne tomorrow night to scrapbook - good idea Joanne and also tidying my craft room, but I think I'll start with my filing first.


Joanne said...

I will be getting more organised too, when I get my expedits ordered and assembled, woo hoo

Liz said...

But at least all those photos have been scrapped! Do you need to buy more albums?

Lorraine said...

Your stack is bigger than mine you have been busy