Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Sew sturdy travel organisers

At the Simply Solids retreat in June there were a lot of everything in its place organisers made for the secret sewer swap. Makers were very generous as it is time heavy and also needs a lot of specialist vinyl, zippers and net. However it did inspire me to have a go myself. I did find out that Craftsy had a class by Annie Unrein which covered both the everything in its place organiser and a cosmetics bag. The cosmetic bag looked like a good place to start though the class started with the organiser.

I also had sufficient Bosal to make the bag. So I loaded the Bosal quilt sandwich onto my machine and quilt two pieces from which to cut the pieces for the bag. I loved the stitch definition of the quilting on the Bosal.

I made a start on this bag at the modern quilt guild sewing weekend. I drove myself bonkers looking for the panel for the zippered lower pocket. I was looking for a cut panel but when I did eventually find it the following day I hadn't yet trimmed the panel to size. So I was looking for the wrong thing. I did get it mostly finished as you can see above apart from the lower pocket and I replaced the middle vnyl pockets with one net pocket which I think was a good choice.

 Having found the quilted panel I completed the lower pocket the following day. My daughter admired the bag and immediately realised it was for her as it used fabric from the quilt I made for her to take to university.

Lizzie soon had the cosmetics bag filled to the brim and ready to take on her next trip. I am off to the Festival of quilts tomorrow and plan to purchase some fabric to make the everything in its place Bach next.

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