Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jungle abstractions 3

After a mild panic where I thought I had lost a page of the pattern I photocopied some extra units that have not come out very well. This means that I have now sewn up units 1 to 36. I think it's looking great already. However I am finding Space the solid fabrics to be a little bit boring. So I feel I need to crack on with this otherwise it will become a UFO.

My progress on this might seem a little déjà vu as The unit that I finish this week is the mirror image of the unit of one of the units that I finished last week. I still need to so this weeks unit to last weeks unit and then to the nose. I will do that when I'm completing the blocks next week. I still need to do some photocopying of a few missing units. However I think progress so far is good and you can all ready see that it is a lion.

The finished quilt is 60 in.² and and I am very pleased that it fits on my design wall as there are over 120 individual units is to complete. For the smaller units I will use my portable design boards. So with 36 units completed out of 120+ I am a quarter of the way down.

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