Saturday, August 05, 2017

Jungle abstractions 1

This week Lizzie has gone to London to a science fiction convention. Now that Lizzie has gone I can do some early morning stitching as my sewing studio is next door to her bedroom.

It was my birthday on Tuesday and I had planned a day of sewing on the Tula pink butterfly kit that I had specifically requested for my birthday. However it hadn't  turned up and Nick hadn't  chased it. I then chased it only to find that a computer glitch meant it had been marked as sent but not been sent. I cancelled the order as I was not happy as the gnome angel sew along started on 1 August. Instead I have ordered the pattern from Hawthorne threads as they do not charge postage on pattern only purchases. A good deal! Next week I am off to the Festival of quilts so I will plan some fabric purchases for this pattern. The pattern has been dispatched and has got as far as New York. Hopefully it will arrive before I leave on Thursday.

So I had to adjust my sewing plans and have worked on the lion pattern by violet craft. I have finished the first portion of the pattern which is the nose. With Lizzie away I am planning to up my game and sew more pieces each day than the one per day that I had planned.

For once I have been very tidy with my project, the paper pieces are all in a folder and the fabrics are in individual bags in an IKEA box. I have glued the key to the fabrics on the outside of the box for quick reference. I have also glued pieces of each fabric to cards on a ring which is also attached to the box. I'm not sure how often I will actually use the sample cards. I have also cleared the top of my IKEA trolley so that all of the parts of the project are to hand. It's unusual for me to work tidally but I can but try!

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