Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Craft for 20

A podcast that I watch by Little Paper Foxes has an initiative called Craft for 20 for February. I have decided to take that idea and tidy in my craft room for twenty minutes. I feel that an orderly craft room will be liberating.

Yesterday I started by the door to my room and tidied my cart. I was hoping to find a hexagon die in there but no luck so far. I want to put my pliers and poppers in there but that box hasn't come to light yet either and I had it only a few days ago. Strange.

Today I have tidied my desk. I have two baskets to donate and have kept a third which I use to transport pieces to my ironing board. 

Whilst looking at the next area to tidy - the window sill, I spotted a bag containing two mini quilts to bind. Not a big job, so an hour later and the minis are bound and ready to donate to our local SCBU tomorrow. 

I completed two more at our group's all day sewing day last week so I have four to donate. I am sure many of you will recognise the blocks from the book Patchwork Please! I completed these during the sew along perhaps two years ago?

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