Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A little finish

I saw this pattern by Susan B Anderson on her podcast and thought it was cute. Then I saw on the Little Yellow Uke and Little Bobbins knits podcasts that they were hosting a Little along. The penny only dropped today that the name of both podcasts contain the word little. Doh.

I purchased the pattern from Ravelry and debated about what yarn to use. I thought that I had nothing suitable until I spotted this wool that I purchased  on a trip to the WI's Denman College, perhaps two years ago. I then borrowed some DPNs from a WI friend. I quickly had the body knit and I needed to buy some eyes, which soon arrived.

I have never knitted an I cord before so that was a new technique. And I think I nailed it. I think attaching the eyes was the trickiest part. Nick couldn't tighten the eyes and suggested either pliers or a small hollow tube to apply consistent pressure. A light bulb came on and I dug in a donation bag and I pulled out my eyelet setter. Perfect.

 Another small finish and I have also got all of my Eisteddfod entries together apart from my framed cross stitch which I will collect this afternoon. I decided not to complete one entry which would have been a rush and that has worked for me. There's always 2017.

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