Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rocky Mountain Puzzle

My most willing quilt model returns on Saturday, so I will have photos of my most recent finish at the weekend. Not that it's the quilt I chose to finish for ALYOF, but it's another finish.
With one quilt finished, I wanted a quick sew for yesterday afternoon and evening so I started prepping some blocks to sew for April's Bumbling Honeys bee mama, Sue Blake. Sue chose Rocky Mountain Puzzle using these instructions.  Our instructions for colours were: "Please use low volume/text for the background and colours of your choice for the rest! I am hoping for a rich scrappy quilt and look forward to seeing large scale prints in the centres of these blocks." 
First of all I looked in my stash and picked out two focus fabrics from Cotton + Steel. as Sue had used Cotton + Steel for her test block, I thought I was safe there. I also picked a bold floral from my table which hadn't been put away from another project. This I Want Her Stash bundle was also on my desk so I decided to cut into the bundle and plan to put it away today. This is either the January or February bundle.

Whilst retrieving my best rotary cutter from beside my long arm, I retrieved this rose spot trimmed from my last quilt backing. I think the rose spot is by Tanya Whelan. The big floral is by Lori Holt and may be from her Bake Sale collection.

A Cotton + Steel insect combined with fabrics from I Want Her Stash bundle. I love a good spot.

A fussy cut Cotton +Steel centre from Village Haberdashery paired with green left over from my binding for my Wishes quilt.

I'm pleased with how these blocks turned out and I'll pass these to Jane to add to her blocks which will then be sent to Sue. I will have to wait another three weeks for my next I Want Her Stash bundles as they send out two months at once for International subscribers - very sensible.
What to do today? Work on my Orbit quilting or go for a walk in the wilds of St Ouen in drizzle? Difficult choice.

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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Gorgeous blocks! I love those centres!