Friday, March 27, 2015

Nautical quilt ST2 March 2015

It seems ludicrous but I have avoided making these simple blocks for March's bee mama, because I was full of cold and didn't want to have to think about the maths for these blocks as they were to be 9.5" finished (10" square finished). I don't know why they were to be such an odd measurement, possibly to fit four across to fit the backing fabric which inspired the quilt.
The first two blocks were finished at the start of the month and I started with two 12" squares which gives you two quick blocks whilst waiting for confirmation of the finished size of the blocks. We were given the link to a great resource for blocks. So I selected a couple and there the printout has sat for over three weeks.
Until this morning when I am in my usual avoidance mode and don't want to get down to quilting my Orbit quilt, so I pulled out my piece of paper and some red, white and blue fabrics.

And hey presto, I soon had two more completed blocks. I have also pieced a little more of one of the two large blocks from the Moda Building Blocks quilt.
They are simple but striking blocks. I think Susy is going to have to make sure she doesn't spell out any unsuitable words. My blocks are C and F.
I will post them later when I'm at our afternoon canasta session as there is a Post Office within one hundred feet of the venue.


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