Monday, December 01, 2014

Have yourself a quilty little Christmas - binding buttons and bows

I have made good progress on my little Christmas sewalong quilt. I have gone from the thirteen completed blocks to

All of the blocks put together, borders added and quilted.  On a couple of blocks I had not added the right size borders or missed borders, so there was a little remedial work before I could sew the blocks together. I had hoped to put the quilt top together yesterday at our Guild UFO day, but as I hadn't taken any background fabric, I only finished piecing the borders. The borders are simpler than Lori's but I managed to sue up most of three mini charm packs as they were the correct size (2.5"). I combined stash, Simply Colour, Joy and Daysail.

I was particularly pleased that the 3D tab on the stocking wasn't in the way of the quilting - a complete fluke. I now just have to add the buttons, bows and binding. Though I may have to ask friends for mini buttons for the tummy of the gingerbread man. I know I have some red ones, but I think they'd look better if they were multi-coloured.

I was hoping to get a client's quilt substantially finished today, but I spotted a block that was wrongly orientated, so have let the client know so she can undo it if she wants and turn the block 180 degrees.

As I failed to complete my November goal of finishing my Wishes quilt, I think completing this will be my December goal.

 A Lovely Year of Finishes


Jasmine said...

It is a darling quilt. I hope you can finish it soon and enjoy it this year.

Anonymous said...

That's the second one of those I've seen, and I love the brightness and the colors you chose. I know you can finish it for ALYOF! You are so close! Thanks for not having an embedded comment box!

Sandy said...

That is a darling quilt.

Lynda said...

This is looking fantastic. I hope to start sewing my blocks together tonight.