Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seminole giant

I finished this huge 110" square quilt before going on holiday. The client didn't want to come and collect it so we agreed that Jane would deliver it to the Guild meeting on my return. I tidied it neatly away to clear the long arm for Jane and promptly forgot about it. I even took another client quilt from the same table and didn't see it. however our Guild meeting is tomorrow so it was time to trim the quilt whilst another is on the machine.
All of this quilt was pieced by hand. Carmel always pieces by hand, she has more patience than me. So it is now ready to be bound and Carmel is going to have to ask her friend to apply the binding to the front by machine as she usually takes the backing from the front to the back. As the backing wasn't large enough for the quilt, I trimmed it as instructed. The request was to quilt it so that it was ready for binding. Everything else was my choice so I used So Fine thread again in cream and the pantograph - Japanese Clouds.
Now to finish Alice's hexagon quilt. I wonder if I could get Jane to deliver that tomorrow evening too. Then I can quilt one of my own quilts before quilting Alice's second quilt.

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