Thursday, October 16, 2014

Be happy with what you have

We are back from our four night trip to Venice followed by a seven day cruise on P&O's Ventura. Once again we were lucky to have dinner each night with three couples who were very good company. We also got an upgrade to a superior deluxe balcony cabin which included a bottle of champagne which we shared with our dinner companions.
I also received lots of happy mail whilst I was away and the first I'm going to share with you is the embroidered mini quilt swap.
All beautifully packaged by Florence who blogs at 

First of all some delightful chocolates in the shape of a bundt tin. Hmm, might have to look for another tin when we're in Berlin. Some sewing themed tape - I've been looking at some on Ebay so Florence was spot on with that and some floss in a colour I don't have.

Florence's card said that she knew I liked bright colours!!  We have swapped before. ;) A perfect red spot for the backing and then a beautiful mini quilt is revealed. I love the little bumble bee. I recognise the designer but will have to ask who it is as I can't remember. I was awake at 4am this morning so please forgive my woolly brain.

A beautiful parcel to chase away the post holiday blues.

I have beautiful bee blocks to share tomorrow and I hope my photography will be better than today's offering.

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FloS said...

I'm happy if you're happy !!
It's a Anni Downs pattern !