Thursday, October 02, 2014

Q4 plans - sounds familiar

Finish Along 2014

Most of the items I'm going to list are things that were on last quarter's list apart from two. October is going to be a bust with two trips planned, so we'll see how it goes. I am almost up to date with customer quilts. I wonder if I leave a quilt or two out whether Jane would quilt them whilst I'm away. Probably not as I still need to finish hers.
  • Aviatrix quilt  - the final border for which is in progress and hasn't moved since July, however the penultimate border was sewn on yesterday
  • Japanese X and  + from Stash Bee which is ready for quilting
  • Orbit quilt - also ready for quilting
  • Quilty Fun - I have some backing for this one
  • Social tote
  • Wishes quilt along - all blocks are finished so I need to do the border and put it together.
  • Whit Schnibble which wasn't finished in September

  • Harvey - October Schnibble

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