Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Amitie mystery BOM 2014

I bet Claire was shocked when I told her what I'd purchased. Jen Kingwell's style is so outside by comfort zone, hand pieced too. However I thought it would be a good project for Wednesday mornings and travelling and would stretch me. Jen doesn't press her blocks either, which is one step too far for me. Having taken a class with Jen at fat Quarterly retreat, I took the plunge.
Hadley blogged that hers arrived earlier in the week so I guessed she was in group 1 and I'm in group 2 so ours comes a week later. Yesterday I saw on facebook that the mail order section of Amitie in Australia was suddenly closed for ten days, so I thought I'd have to wait until next month, but my kit arrived yesterday and here it is.
Very eclectic and the first block is about 6" in size, so should be doable for my first foray into hand piecing. i now have to find all of the tools I took to FQR as the quarter inch tracing wheel is in the wallet along with the correct needles.

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HillyFilly said...

Good Luck with this one.... I had the previous one & a few blocks in I decided that I was never going to get it made.... So I have an expensive pile of fabric to go into my stash...!!! I guess hand piecing is not for me........!