Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Yellow flower

This is the first foundation pieced flower I've made for the Bloom Time quilt in the book Patchwork Please. The centre of the flower is a spotted fabric I bought in france, then a Sweetwater almost solid and then a Zen Chic fabric. I have also been sewing part four of the Deckade the Halls quilt which I should be able to finish tomorrow.
In kitchen news, it is just two days since the fitter started putting the kitchen in and he has made impressive progress. The microwave, oven and warming drawer are all ready to use as the electrician assumed that we had been surviving on takeaways - that couldn't be further from the truth. We have a microwave, panini press and one ring hob (the latter courtesy of Lorraine - thanks Lorraine) and that has kept us going. The first night we impressed ourselves with mushroom risotto and grilled chicken. Tonight is a simple tagliatelle carbonara which Lizzie is making. I'd better go and make the salad to accompany the pasta. Canasta is also on the cards tonight.


Lorraine said...

Kitchen looking good. It is amazing how quickly they get on with it. Lizzie will soon be making her delious cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

It's looking fabulous. Can't wait to see it. Was disappointed to miss Canasta tonight :-(