Monday, July 01, 2013

Here today gone on Wedesday

The stress levels are already rising. My tenants in theory should have left and our kitchen will be removed on Wednesday and taken to the rented property on Friday. Again in theory, we'll be without an oven until the following Friday, so ten days and another ten days until the work tops have been "template", delivered and installed.
For the record this is how the kitchen looks on Monday with some cupboards having been emptied and drawers removed.

The tenants have left but left some stuff and the garden "needs attention" in estate agents' speak. So the first job of the day is to meet with the estate agent to get advice on how far to go with renovating the rental house. The painter is already in and should have finished the prepping over the weekend. Once redecorated, it will look so much fresher.
On Sunday I escaped to our UFO day and completed the Deckade the Halls ornaments. This is how the three parts look so far:
In other news, Matthew's suitcase and sax have arrived home courtesy of Linda and her family. I was mightily embarrassed to have completely forgotten to go and meet them at the airport yesterday and collect the suitcases. Matthew has also arrive at the University of West England for a taster of university life for five days. He has already deemed it awesome. He will be back home on Thursday night and will be hard at work at the rented property on Friday morning. :)


Diane-crewe said...

seems like the sewing is the best stress reliever xx

QuiltCandy said...

Loving the Deck the Halls Ornaments!