Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday Night with Friends


My daughter and her friends have gone out to a dinner all glammed up. Lizzie was only 15 at the end of June, but they look so grown up. Shame Lizzie's eyes are closed.

Whilst everyone's out - Nick and Matthew are both at Air Cadets, I completed week 3 of the Summer Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin as part of Friday Night with Friends hosted at Gone Stitchin.. The next project to work on will be my July Schnibble, but I think for this evening I'll just relax until I have to go and pick Lizzie up. Carriages are at 1 am, but I think 11 pm will be more than late enough for me.
I swapped the block with a frappucino for my attempt at a fruit cooler.


Anita said...

Hi Sue,
The girls certainly do look grown up and it's lovely they've got themselves all glammed up. Love the progress on your sampler.

Katherine said...

Pretty sampler, Sue!

Susan said...

What a lovely sampler.