Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thursday tool time

Having spent most time this week either cutting 2 1/2 inch strips for my scrappy trip around the world blocks or the scrap strip swap, this 2 1/2 inch ruler has been a godsend. This is a new acquisition and I find it to be much more useful than the six and a half inch by 22" ruler which is very popular. I used to have one but found it too long and after sitting on it twice, it not surprisingly broke!!

The other ruler that I use when trimming quilts is the 22.5" square ruler which is great for squaring up the corners of a quilt. I recommend the large rotary cutter if it's in your budget as you can cut more layers of fabric in one go. I only remembered this after I had cut several separate pieces of fabric for my scrap strips. Also buy the largest mat that you can afford. The blue mat is a3 in size but I might swap it for the a2 may that I keep under my sewing machine upstairs.

Here is my fourth scrappy trip around the world block.

And this is a picture of the four blocks to date.

What size ruler do you use the most and what one have you not used as much as you thought?

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Sarah said...

I use my 6.5x24 the most, but most often the cuts are 2.5" wide, so I may just have to invest in a 2.5" ruler. I don't use my 6.5x6.5 ruler much. It's yellow and I find it really hard to see the edge of some colours of fabrics under it.