Monday, February 25, 2013

Row along spools

Row along spools by libertyjsy
Row along spools, a photo by libertyjsy on Flickr.

Lori Holt is now up to row 12 on her row along and I think this is only my seventh row. I had planned to work on this row at our UFo day on Sunday but I left my white on white fabric at home, so I have quickly run these up today. Unfortunately the other five rows I need to complete to catch up are not as easy as this one. I'm going to the row of apples next.


QuiltCandy said...

These are very cute! Love the spotty fabrics :-)

Sinta Renee said...

Yeah! Good for you... I love your row and I'm jealous of you being on row &! I know it's not too late to start... I just might:)

Cheryl said...

Very the fabrics you are using.