Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost at the end of February

And soon the March BOM patterns will be released. I'm still catching up with February. Yesterday I allocated the day to finishing the admin work for our local Eisteddfod needlework section - 780 entries at the last count. I just need to move 20 entries from one class to another and print out 780 adjudicator's comment forms with entrant's details. I would have finished that yrsterday except I was waiting for approval of what I'd done before printing them out and I only have about 200 forms, so I need a few more  to complete the task. I need to add a printer cartridge to my shopping list today as I don't want to run out on Sunday.

On Sunday I finished the February Lucky Stars BOM. I felt quite daring using two greys for the background. :) However Hadley used lots of low volume creams for her background and I love it but wouldn't be that brave or have the righ stash.

Yesterday I finished the Blogger Girls BOM for February. I found this complicated but effective and with a little more forethought I could have had all of the text going the same way. This is made with Kona charcoal, Sweetwater and Bonnie & Camille.

I was quite shocked by two comments made to me at our UFO day on Sunday. The first was a personal comment about a member of my family. Why do people think it's their place to say these things?  Almost as personal was a comment about a fabric choice. I only  express an opinion about someone's choice of fabric if I'm asked. I will rarely say I don't like something but may ask if they've considered, another colour or a lighter shade for example. Especially as we had just been discussing the Eisteddfod adjudicator's comment from last year - "an unhappy choice of colours". Colour is a very personal choice, and different colours make us happy.

Here are the blocks that generated the comment. The background is we've been given three co-ordinating long quarters of fabric to make a 40" to 50" lap quilt. Now if they hadn't liked the last fabric on the right above, I'd have agreed. I have decided to make sixteen 12" scrappy trip around the world blocks. I was only given the fabric last week and it needs to be done for December but I want to get a head start and get it finished. So these are the four blocks I've made so far:

Do any of the fabrics leap out at you as not fitting in? Perhaps the lime green? Certainly not the innocuous blue, in fourth position on the first block? Ah well never mind, it's designed to be scrappy and as I come across green, turquoise and blue fabrics in my piles, I'm cutting them up into 2.5" wide strips. two for this quilt and the rest of the yardage for the Fat Quarterly retreat swap in July.

I am using the challenge fabrics on the main diagonal which dosn't show up yet as I've only completed four blocks. If I find some more fabrics to cut up, more blocks will be constructed.

Time to get ready for the day. I have another all day sewing session today and I also need to give in my Eisteddfod entries to the group this morning. I think I may just do some cutting out for the Row along and come home to sew. I can't face lugging my machine down the stairs again. My Eisteddfod entries are labelled, bagged and ready apart from one. I am going barmy looking for three mislaid items: Vignette magazine to return to Val, Union Jack pillow for the Eisteddfod and sample badge for Sirens WI. All equally important and equally annoying.


Diane-crewe said...

well... I like your blocks.... AND your colour choices x WHERE is the work .. and colour choice of the person who made the comments? USUALLY find they are rather conspicularly (? sp!!) abscent!! enjoy all your printing! x

Lorraine said...

agree with above if you cannot say something nice say nothing at all

Jo Jo said...

I think the blocks work really well and fabric so often looks different when constructed in a quilt. I agree with Lorraine's sentiments completely!