Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Farmer's progress

We have just spent a few days in England visiting Matthew's school and having parents consultations. Before I left I finished quilting my farmer's wife quilt on my long arm. I found a ruck in the backing only as I was finishing trimming the quilt. That meant I couldn't reloaded it back onto the machine. Before leaving for our trip I unpicked the offending area which was about 6" x 18". I then spritzed it with spray starch to try and get some of the fullness out.

Now that we are back I have put the quilt on my domestic machine and followed the lines of the pattern already quilted I have requilted the area. I was pleased to have prepared the red spotted binding at a recent UFO day and that meant I could quickly apply the binding once I had retrimmed a small area of the border. I now have 360 inches of binding to hand stitch over the next two weeks. As I used a pencil to mark the quilting lines I will need to get the quilt washed and dried in time for 2 March when all Eisteddfod entries need to be handed in.

We were delayed at East Midlands airport for three hours on the way back. My time wasn't entirely wasted as I took my woodland sampler cross stitch with me and having precut some threads I managed to finish most of February's raccoon. Photos to follow later in the week when it is finished.

I have also loaded Jenny's quilt onto the frame this morning. The machine isn't behaving itself so I will leave it and come back to it tomorrow. I promised it to Jenny for Thursday so that will give me two days to finish it.

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QuiltCandy said...

I hope you had a good trip to the UK. Both quilts are looking wonderful, what a shame you have to redo some of your Farmer's Wife quilt. It really is stunning though. Good luck with the quilting this week!