Thursday, April 21, 2011

Led astray

I have a number of blogs that I read regularly, many of them in Australia as I'm following the progress and other work by other Vignette sewers. Yesterday I read that Dilly Dimple had ordered some Moda scrap bags from Hulu I clicked through to be surprised to find it's a Uk store, a few clicks later and I ordered two bags. They arrived today in their kraft bags.

The bags are similar to a jelly roll in that they are the ends left over from a jelly roll being cut and are therefore all from one range, but the strips are various widths. The ranges are bliss by Bonnie and Camille (left) and Clermont Farms by Polly Minick and Lauri Simpson.

And yes I do already have loads of fabric but I actually have a project planned for the strips - the hexagon quilt from Leanne Beasley's Vignette magazine issue 2.

And no I haven't lost my marbles. I thought this would be a great summer sewing project and that I could perhaps encourage some other quilting ladies to join me and work it out of my system. Also Sizzix have some dies from their Westminster range which cut 1" hexagons for the papers and 1.25" for the fabric. So that makes it a demo for Caesarea Quilters too. Also Leanne uses a glue pen to save tacking which I will be exploring and Fiona sells the pens so I can pick one up next week.


Josie said...

Love your jelly rolls. You're going to get loads of lovely hexie flowers from them.
By the way... it wasn't my fault you bought them... honest!!
Have fun with them.

kristyne said...

Lol, lost your marbles! A GFG English paper-pieced quilt was the first I ever made. Only problem was that my girlfriend who taught me how to quilt insisted that the templates be made out of cardboard - as in cereal boxes. That is a summer I will never forget ... and neither will my poor thumb! But I will always have a special fondness for hexie quilts. They're a sentimental favorite. Enjoy!