Sunday, April 10, 2011

April progress

Yesterday was our April crop. It was beautiful weather outside and inside was a hive of activity, that is except for me as I seemed to fiddle with lots and only got a couple of layouts finished from the Gogogetaway. Photos next week of those layouts.

I have been busy sewing my Vignette block 1, which is nearly but not quite finished. I finished my Pinwheel Party quilt at least a week ago, made a label from a spare block and only yesterday pieced together the backing. Today I took it to a machine quilter to do a lovely modern feather pattern on it. Then it will just need trimming and binding. This quilt is a pattern I've written for a workshop in September and I decided to ask Mavis to quilt it so that it's ready for the May CQ meeting as a sample. Less stressful for me.

This week I've been working on quilting the border of my 2009 Thimbleberries Block of the Month. I thought a sample was needed to bind for our guild meeting on 18th April, but in the end it wasn't needed. I applied the binding I cut at least six months ago and then added two more strips in accordance with the pattern. Unfortunately I had cut the original strips half an inch bigger, which I didn't discover until the binding was almost finished. Not enough fabric to cut two more strips, so this morning I took apart the binding and this afternoon, I've sewn it back. It's now finished and will need to be hand sewn to the back of the quilt. A perfect job for taking to the Mill every Wednesday. Not that I've finished the quilting of the quilt, but that will be completed after our trip to Liverpool.

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