Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finished block 1

And six weeks until magazine 3 comes out with blocks 4 and 5. I don't cope with pressure well and even self inflicted pressure. I know I can do these blocks at my own speed and take more than the two years that this project is released over, but I know that if I take it easy at the beginning, it will get put to the side. A point in case are the two 2009 block of the month quilts, one of which was previewed in the last post. Both still unfinished 18 months after the last block was published and I did keep up right until then end, but the Thimbleberries quilt lies half quilted. The TQS quilt needs the last border adding and then it needs to be pinned and quilted.

I wrote an updated projects in progress list earlier this week which grew to 11 projects. I need to finish at least eight of them this year to regain some control!! In case you're wondering here they are in no particular order:
1. TQS BOM border needs to be added and then quilted
2. Garden angel small project which would take half a day to finish
3. Vignette blocks - ongoing
4. Thimbleberries BOM - needs to be quilted and binding finished this month
5. Dear Jane - needs quilting - do you see a pattern developing
6. Blue and cream - half quilted but rucked on the back so some unpicking needs to be done followed by some quilting
7. Stitchers keeper - a recent start which I will take to Chez Soi on a Wednesday to progress.
8. Pinwheel party - with Mavis for quilting then all I need to do is trim and bind
9. Hug cushion - ongoing
10. Jelly roll quilt - border needed but not yet bought
11. Jan Krentz - loads of foundation pieced blocks need to be sewn so my biggest UFO.

Here's my first block, the second and third blocks are already pieced and the stitchery traced. I am waiting until it's all finished before stitching the grass line to try and keep the size of stitches uniform all the way around as I haven't yet got my stitch size consistent yet.

And here's some lovely Moda spotty goodness to go with my Just a Hoot fabrics for the Vignette BOM and also for the interior of the Stitchers Keeper. The only one I won't be using is the green as it's too bright for these projects.

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Josie said...

Hey Sue... how about this for an idea.... go online tomorrow morning and order the border fabric for your jelly roll quilt. Then... spend the rest of the day working on the Garden Angel project. That's two crossed off your list in one day.
Don't stress out over your 'to do' list. I'm scared to list the stuff that's in here to do. Most of it isn't even started....yet!
Good luck.