Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Progress on my knitting WIPs

A plan only works if you follow the plan and I am easily distracted. However I have finished my first WIP of my juniper socks.

The wool came in a Tunisian crochet kit from my friend Claire. However I will be trying out Tunisian crochet in 2017.

I took my cables down the back socks to my WI sock knitting group and I made progress, but I soon realised why they were languishing - they were too narrow. They have been ripped back and replaced with my vanilla advent socks.

The toes were knit from the same Opal mini skein and then I am doing different skeins on each foot and aim to add matching heels and cuffs. This is not a knitted bikini, thank you Jo for the feedback! That brings all sorts of horrible pictures to mind.

I also started the Peace cowl by @healthyknitter but I didn't like how it was turning out, do I ripped that out too. I have added six more sets of three rows to my mini mania shawl and it's interesting to compare the two ends as they have some completely different colours in them.

The only other progress to report is that my White Stuff inspired scarf is out of my cupboard and in a bag with the pom poms to work on one evening. The parts are assembled in one place to make it easy to grab the bag and finish the scarf.

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