Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A plan for my knitting WIPs

I need a plan for my knitting WIPs as well as my cross stitch WIPs. So in progress I have:

1. Juniper socks for Knitvent. I am on the second sock

2. White stuff scarf, just needs the pom poms to be sewn on
3. Afterthought heel socks, just need the heels to be knit
4. Gondola shawl - I need to add some beads to a row that I have already knit and then finish the last clue.
5. Inglis Raven Mitts by Ysolda Teague. Both mitts are half complete
6. Cables down the back socks. I am doing the heel flap on the first sock
7. Mini mania scarf. I will add one set of three rows from my Opal advent calendar in December.

I would like to get all of my knitting projects finished in 2016, ready for Little Bobbins' Christmas Eve socks cast on. Now back to my Woodland sampler cross stitch.

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