Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunday stash - I knit London edition

Molli Sparkles

Lizzie and I were in London for two days last week to enable her to go to GOSH for an injection. Whilst we were there we did a spot of shopping and also went to see the play 1984. Very disturbing and not recommended for young children. we also tried for tickets for Hamlet but weren't prepared to queue all day.
We shopped at Westfield Stratford where we also had lunch at Wagamama. There I bought some disposable piping bags from Lakeland - what a spend thrift I am. Even Lizzie was restrained. Lizzie was ahead of me in developing a sinus infection and I blame that for my errors of our trip - losing my boarding card and taking a wrong turning to get to the theatre.
Any how, I had researched the locations of all the stops on the London Yarn walk in September and found I Knit London near Waterloo. So off we toddled. With directions from the shops owner we were soon there. I was like a woman possessed. I bought two balls of mass produced sock wool - Regia stripe mania in colour 06371. I want to try out a recipe for Vanilla bean striped socks by Emily O'Grady so this wool will be caked up ready to put in my suitcase for my trip to Birmingham in a couple of hours. That's if I can buy some smaller needles at John Lewis as my order hasn't yet come. Whilst packing this morning, I've realised that not only did I leave my row counter on the plane ten days ago but also my tin of stitch markers. Double damn.
The other ball is Austermann self patterning wool in colour 257 with no plan.
The next three beauties were dyed by the shop owner. I've just realised there are no names on the wools and they are all on a  Ziggy Stardust base which is 75% superwash merino, 20% nylon and 5% stellina. From the website the middle colourway is moonage daydream.
Time to go and finish packing. I only have hand luggage for five days so I need to choose what to pack very carefully.

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Two Wednesdays said...

I'm sorry about the lost stitch markers, row counter and the other things that went wrong, but at least the yarn is lovely!