Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Working away quietly

I know you've seen this mini quilt before but it makes a good backdrop to my spool of binding. I have been working quietly on my two pieces for Fat Quarterly magazine. I stitched on the binding on the big piece on Sunday and hand stitched the majority of the binding to the back yesterday morning before anyone else was up. Inspired by an idea I'd seen online to stitch pieces of binding together to make a ready to go scrappy binding, I wound the remainder of the binding from my "One Swallow" quilt onto my vintage bobbin. I then worked on my 3D Dresden project and decided to make it into a mini quilt rather than a cushion and my eyes travelled to my bobbin. Serendipity, the turquoise binding also worked for the mini quilt, so it was a quick job to sew on the binding ready for hand stitching. I have now finished both pieces and the next job is to take some photos of the finished items and then write up the instructions. I have taken photos as I've put the projects together so that should not take me too long. Famous last words.
Another good technique I've recently come across was how to make up a cushion with a hidden zip using 1/4" steam a seam, which I happen to have in my stash already. You can see the tutorial for yourself at Chrissie D's blog.

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