Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week one finished

summer sampler week 1

Hooray. It's finished ad packed away for week 2 to be released on Friday. I love the Ferris wheel. The patterns are so clever to convey the item in a 30 by 30 square. I have left out the Kwai faces from my version as well as the numbers. This week I need to focus on two projects for Fat Quarterly e-zine as I need to both finish the projects and write up the pattern.
In other news, Nick and I have taken a gamble and booked ourselves a summer holiday - just the two of us. We were tired of waiting for the details of Matthew's gliding course to be confirmed so we have booked ourselves on a bargain Fjord cruise for just a week. if Matthew's course shouldn't happen for some reason, we'll book him a separate cabin and he can bring a friend for the same price as if we'd waited and booked one room for the three of us. The prices are so good, we've gone for a Superior deluxe balcony cabin. Sounds posher than it is. I've even found a quilt shop in our first port of call Bergen which I found through a blog called Nicola Foreman Quilts. Off to do some holiday planning and download some geocaches.


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Cute stitching! Sounds like you'll have a nice holiday :)

Cheryll said...

Lucky you... sounds like a great week away! :)