Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back for a while

It's only a week since we returned from our Baltic cruise, but it feels longer as we have been very busy for the last few days. Matthew's GCSE results were available for him to collect on Thursday morning, then they had to be sent to Welbeck sixth form college by 2pm the same day. He need 40 points and got 46, so we were fairly certain he would be accepted, but it's good to have confirmation. Friday we worked on filling out all the other forms and Matthew took those to the PO, we just need one form from his ATC Officer Commanding and he's done. We eventually received confirmation late Friday afternoon. Flights are now booked for us all to accompany him in a week's time and also for his exeat at the end of September. One Saturday we took his packing list to town and bought almost everything he needs. Now the labelling and packing starts. We can send his suitcases by post for about £12 for a 30 kilo suitcase so they will go on Wednesday to arrive in plenty of time.

In between the activity, I have fitted in a little bit of sewing. I did some hand sewing on my Live, Laugh, Love   stitchery on the cruise and I'm itching to try some crystals on the stitchery to replace the French knots and flower centres, but I must finish the stitching first. At home I've been working on four items at once:

ET star from Lily's Quilts for my Kinky Bee month in August. I vastly underestimated the background sent to each of the other members in the group so I have ordered even more of the Moda Marble Mates falling snow in white. I have finished my version of the block and am pleased with it.

Another star which is foundation pieced for the Kinky Bee. I just need to locate some more background fabric if I have it otherwise it should arrive by next Friday from the Fat Quarter Shop. I used a lovely 20% off voucher from Fat Quarterly ezine which covered the shipping costs.

Spiders Legs block for my Farmer's Wife quilt. I plan to finish this one tomorrow.

Vintage Holiday Quilt Along, I am up to date with blocks 1 to 8 but I need more white on white and patterned fabric. Again this will come with the order from Fat Quarter Shop.

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