Thursday, May 24, 2012

Making some progress

Yesterday I felt that I needed to finish my swoon quilt and make some more granny squares for a quilt for Siblings Together, both for the Fat Quarterly in nine days time.

Whilst I didn't do any more quilting of Swoon yesterday, I have done one row this morning and I am almost have finished. After all the small jobs I need to do today, this will be my priority. Once it's quilted, I will sew on the binding whilst the granny square quilt is on the machine.

I thought I had completed all of the blocks I needed for the charity quilt. Despite counting three times and getting two different numbers, the camera does not lie and I need to piece one more block. Fortunately I do have one cut out ready. However the dark blue is dominating the quilt and if this fabric is in the last block, I will substitute it for something less strong.

But first I need to do lots of small jobs on my to do list. It's almost nine, so time to get started.

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