Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still alone but not idle

Have had a few busy days - lunch at Lorraine's on Monday - always a joy. She has prepped a card making class for Sirens WI - hopefully Saturday 5 March, all welcome and was showing us the samples - I only asked Lorraine on Thursday and by Monday she was all prepped. Lorraine is a wonder woman, I wish I had her energy.

Tuesday I went bowling with WI, a great laugh and met some lovely new ladies. we were envious of the group that had the bumpers up!! Today I visited the beauticians and WI market for some lovely scones.

As well as going out a few times, I've also been quilting up a storm. I have fully quilted my red, white and black pinwheels quilt and I love the all over feather pattern. I didn't have to decide on a colour for the binding as I found some red already cut, presumably for this quilt, who knows. The binding is stitched to the front of the quilt and I just need to slip stitch it down. This is an ideal evening or quilt group activity so no rush to complete it, however I've already done one side so it may be finished this week.

Once I finished my quilting, I actually put both of my sewing machines away and cleaned my work table and the window sill. They look so neat, shame about the rest of the room. But it's a start and I hope to get a little more tidying done tomorrow and also get another quilt top pinned together for quilting.

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Lorraine said...

Beautiful colours in this quilt Sue it looks gorgeous dying to see it finished. Do bring it round for show and tell on Monday.