Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beautifully easy

I'm enjoying putting together the Basic Grey Origins page kits for the November crop as they go together so quickly and easily, especially once you have your photos to hand. For this layout I've used M&E's 2010 school photos. Whilst looking at the group photo of Matthew's class which comes complete with all of their names, I noticed Matthew's name is wrongly spelt. Damn, I shouldn't have thrown the proofs out.

I will save the double layout for the actual crop and hope that I can put it together quickly enough to be ready when the two single pages are completed by everyone else. For the double, I plan to take some trick or treating photos this afternoon and some photos of Lizzie and her friend pumpkin carving.

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Craft In Guernsey said...

That is a great layout. Thanks for the help. I am working through the details and trying to get the word out.