Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Q2 finish along

In some ways my list is getting shorter but I have just added two retreat projects from last weekend's Jersey Modern Quilt Guild rainbow retreat and I am taking two classes with poppyprint in April. Let's see what's still on the to do list.

1. Jan Krentz star from 2010

2. TQS BOM Sedona Star from Jan 2012

3. Lion from 2017, I plan to complete this project in April and I first need to stay stitch the edges, remove the papers and give it a good press before loading it on my long arm.

4. Tula Pink butterfly from October 2017. I need to move a few blocks and then quilt it.

5. Christmas on Gingerbread Lane

6. It's a small world from 2016 2/3 pieced

7. Pretty London

8. Hugs cushion

And I have added:
9. Five impossible things

10. Slalom pouch

I also need to make a jet set sewing station for a retreat gift which is number 11. I have the pattern printed out and a friend has the fabrics I need. First I plan to quilt a piece of the fabric from which I can cut my panels, then I will buy ready made bias binding, I think and prep the project for our Jersey MQG April meeting.


Dawn said...

Wow, love your pieces. Can't wait to see them completed!

Mary said...

You can do this!

Marci Girl said...

So many beautiful projects, you can totally finish a few of these! Thanks for linking up with the Finish-A-Long on behalf of the 2018 global hosts.

Christina said...

Lots of projects to hopefully finish. I hope this quarter is going well for you and you are able to complete many things!