Monday, April 02, 2018

April plans

I am not sure what happened to February and March, but here we are at the beginning of April and the last day of the Easter holiday weekend. Our daughter comes back from university for ten days today, so I am sure we will be busy with appointments.

I almost finished this cross stitch on our Caribbean cruise at the beginning of February and it has sat impatiently waiting to be finished. I completed it on Saturday and immediately pressed it and took it to the framers.

I then sorted out my floss for my last two cross stitch UFOs. I have just one skein to purchase. I then sorted out my drawer of cross stitch equipment and sold the extras on Facebook. That felt good. I am going to work on the pattern called Pretty Little London next.


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Mary said...

Lovely! I finished a cross stitch this quarter too. Finished always feels good, no matter the medium.