Thursday, July 03, 2014

Q3 plans - lots of quilting planned

Finish Along 2014

I feel like I'm going to be away from home for half of the next quarter and then we'll be straight into A level and GCSE results. Then hopefully we'll be making plans for Matthew to go to University.

I think I'll focus on quilts that need quilting as I hope to pick up some backings this weekend at the Quilt Guild in Leicester. Not that I've checked that they're open yet.

  • Siblings Together 2 quilt

  • Mani pouch which is virtually finished apart from the poppers
  • Aviatrix quilt  - the final border for which is in progress
  • Japanese X and  + from Stash Bee which is ready for quilting
  • Orbit quilt - also ready for quilting
  • Quilty Fun - I have some backing for this one
  • Social tote
  • Wishes quilt along - all blocks are finished so I need to do the border and put it together.


the running hare said...

Still quite a list Sue! I hope you get it all done.

Betty said...

What I see is absolutely beautiful!

Marly said...

It sounds like some of these are nearly finished, so you'll be striking them off soon! Good luck with the rest.

Beth said...

Those are so pretty and would love to see how you quilt the Aviatrix quilt! Good luck with your finishes.

Carla said...

That aviatrix medallion quilt is so stunning! We are going to do it as a block of the month where I work and I can't wait! Lovely projects here