Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shopping is the best medicine

When you're feeling under the weather and full of cold and snuffles for two weeks and it's cold and wet outside, what is a girl to do. :) I love the spotty mailing bags that The Village Haberdashery use. The fabrics were prettily packed but that didn't last very long as you can see.
Having failed to find more than two text fabrics at Knit & Stitch, that was first on my shopping list. The fabrics on the left are Sun print by Alison Glass and we were given a piece of this in the Foundation Piecing glass at FQR for our typewriter block.
Next are some feather prints also from the Sun Print range. Not sure how I ordered half yards of two colour ways.
Then a few basics to add to my stash including four mirror ball fabrics. I made a bee block using a scrap of the skulls fabric which received several favourable comments about the fabric, so I purchased it for a Christmas swap we're doing.

Lastly some leaf prints canvas that took my fancy. I panicked when I realised (too late) that I had ordered canvas, but they feel just like regular fabric not thick like canvas. I also asked to buy some scraps from the basket that's always by the desk at The Village Haberdashery and I'm very pleased with the selection which will be added to the scraps being used for the Quilty Fun sampler.
I have to say I am now starting to feel a great deal better and perhaps it's because this very pleasing medicine arrived. :)


Jo Jo said...

There's nothing like a bit of fabric shopping to make me happy too! Lovely selections :)

the running hare said...

A woman after my own heart! It's very therapeutic isn't it. Wonderful selection of fabric.

Betty said...

Yes, this would make anyone feel better: they're all gorgeous!