Wednesday, November 06, 2013

November bee commitments completed

FQR quilt bee

The fabric for Teresa's blocks arrived Monday morning and the blocks were finished by Monday lunch time. Teresa was very good to us and chose a simple block that we had made a few months earlier for another bee. I like this block as the opportunities for setting them are limitless. The fabrics are not ones I've seen before. I think I'm getting into a rut with my fabric choices and need to expand my boundaries. However first I need to tidy up the stuff I already own.


Anne said...

A simple but really nice block, it'll make a wonderful quilt.

HillyFilly said...

The fabric was a Kate Spain Jelly Roll... I think it was Terrain.... Thank Sue.. those blocks look great... I am looking forward to laying them all out for the design... but as quilting isn't one of my 'fortes' I will look to cut down the white areas... or maybe fill with Appliqué..!