Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More frames finished

My plan today including going to my morning quilting group. I had a call yesterday afternoon from a repair garage asking if they could take my car in immediately to replace the wind screen in which a chip had appeared. I immediately agreed and said I didn't need a loan car as it was going to be ready for collection this morning. You can imagine where this is going. it's almost 3 pm and no sign of my car and I need it to go out later this afternoon to play petanque with my WI group. The garage just called - the car will be with me in 20 minutes.

So my day at home has been spent stitching the frames for The Frosted Pumpkin's autumn sampler starting in two weeks time. And I'm pleased to say it's finished. I think next on the list is the hanging sleeve for a quilt whose binding is almost hand stitched on apart from the top where I need to add the hanging sleeve. Then I'll tackle three months of the Woodland Sampler.

I also need to have my car back to take Lizzie to the harbour tomorrow as she is going with the Beaulieu and De la Salle Big Band along with the Beaulieu choir to play in Euro Disney and Le Jardin du Lexembourg in Paris. Four days with no children. What will I do. :)

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Diane-crewe said...

hope the car was ready xx lovely use of your waiting time though x