Monday, May 02, 2011

I couldn't help myself

I spotted this quilt over at the Fresh Lemons blog. So simple but so striking. I had promised myself no new project until I'd finished three old projects. Well I've only finished one, another is being professionally quilter, but Mavis is having problems with her machine and my third project is nearing completion. I've also tempted Lorraine to join me so I'm cutting doubles of everything except the background.

I found a white backing fabric in my cupboard, so cut about 100 strips of the 112 background strips. Then started by cutting some Sunkissed fabrics I bought a couple of months ago along my my favourite Moda spots. Then everything has been pulled out of the cupboard to look for the perfect elusive fabrics. I was certain that I had more fabric than this. Then I remembered letting Kathryn have free rein on the bright fabric. Damn. Our local quilt store is only open Fridays and Saturdays or by appointment so I have an appointment tomorrow with Lorraine for us to select some fabrics.

Of course, I couldn't resist sewing up a few blocks!! Just to test out the pattern of course. However this does mean it'll take a little longer to work out what I still need.

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Lorraine said...

You will have finished by Thursday LOL