Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Yesterday I went to Grainville to watch Elizabeth and some of her class play in a fun football tournament. Their headmistress (seen here in luminous pink jacket with hands on hips) also came along to cheer them on. They got so close to scoring a goal but they don't kick hard enough and are generally too nice and lack that killer instinct, which some of their opponents had in generous amounts. They also played a couple of friendly games to fill in the time when they weren't playing an official game. Elizabeth (dreesed in green) doesn't really have the build of a typical goalie but she worked very hard.

The photographer from the local evening paper took a photo of their friendly game. It would be quite funny if that's the photo they used to represent the event and not one of an official game.

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Liz said...

Lovely LO - that green felt works really well. My 2 played in that football tournament and both lacked the killer instinct too LOL