Saturday, April 14, 2007

Waiting patiently

I'm waiting for my scrap room kit to arrive as I have earmaked two for current projects:
* One of this week's Design Collective projects uses the green scalloped paper from the Karen Russell kit; and
* I fancied doing an Easter layout with the Heidi Grace kit and nycscraps April sketch #2
Hopefully it'll arrive on Monday. Elizabeth is impatiently waiting for a bear someone from UKScrappers has tracked down for her and posted yesterday. Getting her off to school on Monday could be fun.

My car is being picked up by Jacksons on Monday so I'll have plenty of time to scrap if my kit arrives. The electrics have gone after the battery packed up and the onboard electrical system won't speak to the diagnostics machine. So apart from internal lights and not being able to lock the car, filling up with petrol meant breaking out the handbook to see how to manually release the filler cap. We made a very funny sight at the garage.

Celebrating Central Park's last evening last year. Photos didn't come out brilliantly but they tell the tale. Nycscraps sketch #3 and Scrap Room March kit from Polar Bear Express.

If anyone wants and different Autumn Leaves stamps let me know and I'll place another order.

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