Sunday, March 04, 2007

Love Letters

I feel like I've missing in action for ages. Now half term is finished and we're all back to normal with no bugs, it's time to get back to some scrapping. This week I've been altering these letters. We were meant to do this in a class in Paris last year but they didn't have the letters!! Not much of a class. Thanks to Ching who bought the letters for us.

I used a kit from Scrap Room and the colours go with our lounge. I just need to add ribbon to the L and V. The photo of Matthew and Elizabeth was taken at Amaizin Crafts yesterday.

I've also been knitting some bags for felting. Photos of those to follow once the bags have been washed.


Gaye said...

'Love' your letters they are lovely

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous letters :o) Reminds me I have to alter the letter 'A' I have for Ashton's bedroom door.

Love Gems xx