Wednesday, October 13, 2021

WIP Wednesday - Fractured Skull Sewalong


Fractured Skull is an FPP pattern by Helen Creasey The sewalong is now on week 4 and I have only just begun stitching. Week 1's objective was to get the pattern printed on A0 sized paper and get your fabrics. I was too slow to get a kit from SewHot but managed to source all but two of the fabrics from them and did my best to substitute two other Kona colours. 

I cut out the pattern pieces  and have laid them out in piles on my daughter's bed. I realise I need to eliminate some of the printed pieces as they are for the larger quit, but that will come later when there are fewer pieces to sort through.

Yesterday I started sewing some of the units. My plan is to stitch ten per day. I have randomly selected ten pieces of skull and you can already see the eye sockets and some of the teeth. Today I have started sewing ten more and been a bit more structured and chosen those that will enable to sew some sections together, at the moment I can't see where the smaller pieces will fit in.

Fortunately Sew Hot label their Kona colours and I am keeping any small pieces together with the yardage in an Ikea box. I have a similar box for the coloured background pieces. I'm hoping to have this mostly done by the time I leave for retreat next Thursday and may take it with me to put it all together. Let's see how I progress with my ten a day plan, but I hope to finish week 2 - the skull, this week and get those sections sewn together.

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