Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday finish - Prairie Schooler Santa 2017


I am feeling that I've actually accomplished something this week. The second of two mystery quilts with Modern Quilt Club has been quilted and I will post them back to the owner on Monday.

Then I've also finished the 2017 Prairie Schooler Santa, and made a small start on the 2008 sledding santa. According to my list, I have completed ten of  the 38 patterns. I need to check my list twice as I feel that I have finished at least one or two more. 

The finishing instructions for the Christmas cushion by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery is released today so hopefully I can share the finished project with you next week.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

WIP Wednesday - spooky sampler


I have started prepping one block a day of the Spooky Sampler by Melissa Mortenson which I purchased as a kit from Set Hot. I've even labelled up my bags so I'm retreat ready only five weeks to go.

I have even sewn two more circular ornament blocks for my Christmas Cheer by Corinne Sovey, so I decided to reward myself and sewed up two of the blocks that I'd prepped.

First were the three Ohio star blocks. I am a sucker for a star block and the Ohio star was my first love when I started quilting. I then stitched together the two large pumpkin blocks. Today I have prepped for the applique blocks and ironed the Steam a Seam to the reverse of the black damask fabric and plan to get at least the three bats cut out at our morning group today. The two spiders are much more fiddly with their legs.

I am keen to load the quilt top for the Free Motion Frenzy class with Karlee Porter and I have finished one more customer quilt, and one further quilt should be delivered today for a quick turn around.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Monday Make - Modern Quit Club mystery quilt


I finished quilting this quilt for a friend yesterday. It's a mystery quilt BOM from Modern Quilt Club Every month you get a slim box through your letter box with the instructions and precut fabric for that month's clue. No cutting, what a genius idea. Lisa also keeps a stock of the fabrics for any mistakes or for borders and backings. The fabrics for this quilt are all by @giucy_guice

I have one more of these mystery quilts to quilt for my friend and then I need to load my own quilt top to do the homework for a class I'm doing with Karlee Porter.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday stash - Spooky sampler


I am giddy with excitement, I have a place on the Modern Quilt Club retreat in Yorkshire in October, just a month away. I immediately booked my place within five minutes of receiving the email, checked that I could have a lift from Liverpool and booked my flights. I should now book a night's stay at Liverpool Airport for the Thursday and Sunday nights.

The same day I received the Spooky Sampler Quilt kit which I had ordered from Sew Hot in anticipation of being able to go on retreat this year whether in the UK or locally.

I think I might change out the the green fabric in the kit as I'm not a green lover and this an unusual shade of green. Or I might just use as is. There is a lot of fabric in the kit and my plan is to cut one block a day until the retreat. If it's all cut out I may be able to reduce the weight of the kit as I only have 15 kilos of hold luggage. Probably a mistake on my part not going for a bigger / heavier suitcase.

I cut out the first block yesterday and I am slightly disappointed that there's not an overall cutting plan that I can find so you have to refer to each block and work out what fabric is used for each element from the cover photo.

The question is, will I be able to resist sewing up a block or two before the retreat? I think I need to make more progress on my Christmas Cheer quilt first. Perhaps for every two blocks of Christmas Cheer completed, I can sew up one Hallloween block?

Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday finish - one ornament block


My progress on Christmas Cheer by Corinne Sovey had come to a grinding halt. I had four round ornaments to tackle and then finally the large Christmas tree.

The good news is this is now on my design wall and I have completed my first ornament block and pieced the striped fabric for the second. Significantly that finishes all of the blocks for the first column. The next block to tackle is the missing ornament from the second column. That's a job for next week.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

WIP Wednesday - cross stitch projects


I feel that I've made a decent start on Christmas Tree by Barbara Ana for Nikta Moscow. I have the structure of the tree  and aim to finish one side of one level of the tree each month so it will take me ten months in all ready for Christmas 2022. There are a lot of colour changes, so I am focusing on the top level and using up any leftover thread on other levels as I go. As I have finished my Frosted Pumpkin sewalong I am going to stitch this project every weekend.

During the week I am working on the 2017 Prairie Schooler Santa which I started yesterday. This project has larger blocks of colour so should be quicker. 

Monday, September 06, 2021

Monday Make - shortie pyjamas


I made a thing, feels like ages since I've sewn and last week went by in a blur of inactivity. I must be feeling a bit better as I sewed these up yesterday on my Janome Atelier 7 and my daughter's overlocker. Perhaps Miffy isn't considered suitable by some for adult pyjamas but I like them and it was the best of limited availability in my local fabric store.  ran out of fabric for the back so used a different grey, also from Rachel's Textiles.

Once you become a woman of a certain age, you appreciate shortie pyjamas and I have now made two for myself. Perhaps I'll pack one pair for the short trip to France we're making at the beginning of October. The ferry times are poor but we're making the best of the winter schedule so get half a day's visit to Pour L'Amour du Fils in Nantes, a ride on the mechanical elephant and a few stops on the way back to St Malo. I am not sure how my 93 year old father will react to the mechanical elephant but his ticket is also booked!!