Monday, May 16, 2016

Blocks for Helen

These are some of the blocks that I have sewn for Helen (Indiana Dreams) for our Bumbling Honeys Bee. We are hoping to meet up in July as Lizzie and I are in London or at the Festival of Quilts in August (or  both). Some projects are with their last person, so are on target for a July finish. Some are more tricky than others. I have found that deciding what to make almost takes as long as making my contribution.

The full reveal won't be until we hand over our blocks and the envelope shown above isn't my final block as I wasn't happy with the contrast between the Kona white background and the script fabric. I just have one block more to make and I have to pick up some fabric from Jane to complete it as my stash is deficient in some areas.

I hate extra seams in blocks and regularly adapt patterns for Blocks of the Month to eliminate the extra joins. You can see from the foundation pattern above that the letter E would have to be made up of two pieces which would have to be sewn together to make the block.

Well I decided to try and do some mitred corners to enable the block to be sewn as one piece. I can report I was successful. I did it by just sewing to the intersection of the pieces and reverse stitch to secure and then I did a mitred corner as you would do on a border. I've torn away the paper to show you how it looks. I was surprised at the sense of accomplishment I felt.

I will show you the final blocks after they've been revealed in July or even August.

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