Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Q2 2016 FAL

2016 FAL

I did finish most of the items on my Q1 list but never got around to showing them to you, so my Q2 list will be entirely different.

First is my Moda Building Blocks quilt which has been waiting to be quilted for some months now. It's time to get it finished.

The hexagon quilt is quilted and now needs to be trimmed and bound. I'm on the home straight with this one.

This is Lizzie's University quilt which I need to finish and quilt before she's at home on either study leave or school holidays. The blocks are 50% complete, so they will be worked on at our Modern Quilt Guild days.

This is probably the most urgent thing to do and it's to make a pennant for our WI. I commissioned a pennant stand to be made and it will be delivered tomorrow. So that means I now need to make the pennant to go on the stand. I have just found some background fabric so have pencilled this job for Monday of next week.

A few small projects to finish. The first is a basket. The outside is done and quilted so it shouldn't take more than a few hours to get it finished, so why has it been in the cupboard for months?

And this has been in the cupboard almost complete for possibly two years. It looks very sorry but is a social tote. All it needs is the binding, again, a few hours work.

And an Instagram block designed by Lori Holt to be made into a project bag. Hmm, do you think it would take more than two hours. Perhaps not and now I've found my press stud pliers, it'll be even quicker.

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